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Berlin XXL 2h 15min

Berlin XXL 2h 15min

The Wall Ride

Investigating the remains of the Berlin Wall in a Trabi

We will take you to where the Cold War was „hot“ and show you Berlin from a really unique perspective. Driving past historical places which have been and still are the focus of world politics, we will guide you through the formerly divided city of Berlin - a hands-on experience on both Berlin's exciting past and presence!



ticket - adult (age 17+)                          79 €

ticket - child/ youngster (age <17)           0 €

If 4 tickets are booked, then 2 Trabis will be reserved (2 people per Trabi).

  • meeting point:TrabiWorld, Zimmerstraße 97, 10117 Berlin
  • note:other guests in other Trabis


The Wall Ride

„An absolute Must Do when you visit Berlin!“
New York Times

„Echt ostalgische Stadtrundfahrten“
Wiener Zeitung

„It´s brilliant fun.“
The Sunday Times

„Diese Tour ist ein Heidenspaß.“