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Do I have to book a Trabi-Safari?

Yes, you have to book in advance if you want to be sure about your Trabi-Safari.

What is the minimum number of participants?

1 person in one Trabi.

Can I book spontaneously on site?

Yes! Visit us at our start places and buy your ticket there. Opening hours Berlin: Monday - Sunday from 10:00 - 17:00 hrs. Opening hours Dresden: Monday - Friday from 10:00 - 17:00 hrs.

Can I change my booking?

Yes, you can change your booking, but NOT on the same date of your Trabi-Safari. For the change in booking we charge 15.00 Euro. Please contact us with your request by email or over the phone.

Can I cancel my booking? Is a cancellation free of charges?

No. A cancellation is possible until 72 hours before your booked Trabi-Safari - BUT in any case you have to pay a CANCELLATION FEE about 8% of the total price. After 72 hours before the fixed date we charge the full price.

Who can drive a Trabi?

Everybody who holds a valid driving licence and is at least 18 years old. We recommend having driving experience for a confidently driving in a big city. Driving a Trabi is not very difficult but it is a little challenge.

Do I need an "international" driving licence?

The national driving licence of your country is fine. Please note it has to be a driving licence for cars with manual transmission! Our Trabis do not have automatic gearbox.

Can children participate?

Children are welcome. They have to sit together with their adult accompanying person in a Trabi. We do not provide required child seats. You have to bring the child seat. The child seat will be fixed on the passenger seat because there aren't seatbelts in the back seat. For reasons of safety we advise you not to book a convertible Trabi (cabrio) if you have a small child. Cabrios don't have a three-point seat belt, just a waist strap.

How do I pay?

You pay with your booking. You can pay by bank transfer that is called "Sofortüberweisung", by credit card (Visa, Master and Amex) or PayPal. In our offices you can pay in cash or with card (maestro, Visa, Master oder Amex) when you buy a ticket spontaneously.

On what day does the Trabi-Safari take place?

Our tours take place daily - from January to December, from Monday to Sunday. No matter if rain, snowfall or sunshine. Exceptions: 1st of January and 24th of December

Is it possible to book another route than offered on the website?

We would be glad to send you an offer for an exclusive tour for a individuale route. Just let us know concrete details about date, time, duration and places that you would like to see.

Do I sit alone in my Trabi?

Yes, your Trabi is just for you. There won't be other guests in the Trabi you booked. You drive in a convoy guided by our leader car with the tour guide. There are more participants in other Trabis in the convoy.

Do I get an instruction how to drive a Trabi?

Of course before we start all our guests sitting behind the wheel get a technical instruction how to drive a Trabi. Before we leave you sign a declaration of consent. There you confirm that you accept all rules and conditions for the Trabi-Safari.

Is there a discout for students or seniors?


What is in the price included?

Guide, petrol, co-insurance 500 Euro (Trabi) | 1500 Euro (Mustang), free kilometres, Trabi driving lincence

Is there a discount for children?

Children/ youngster until the age of 17 years are for free if they sit together in a Trabi with their adult accompanying person. All guests from the age of 18 years pay the regular price. We do not provide required child seats. You have to bring the child seat. The child seat will be fixed on the passenger seat because there aren't seatbelts in the back seat. For reasons of safety we advise you not to book a convertible Trabi (cabrio) if you have a small child. Cabrios don't have a three-point seat belt, just a waist strap.

How long is a gift coupon valid?

A gift card issued by our company will be valid for use for 3 years. After 3 years the gift coupon is unvalid can not be redeemed. On gift cards for a Trabi-Safari issued by other suppliers you can find the period of validity imprinted on the gift card.

Which language can I book?

Our regular public tours are guided in German and English. Other languages are possible on request but only if the guide is available. For exclusive tours that would be organised especially for you we will book the tour guide in your preferred language. Just let us know.

Can I choose the type of "my" Trabi? Are there different prices for the different Trabis?

You can choose "your" Trabi when you book on our website. The price for all Trabis is the same and just depends on the number of people in the Trabi.

I would like to book a convertible Trabi. What happens with my booking if it rains?

In case of unlovely weather on the day of your Trabi-Safari your booking is still valid. We will prepare automatically a closed Trabi for you.

Is it possible to change the driver?

On our tour we normally stop 1 or 2 times that the drivers can change. Just inform us before we start the Trabi-Safari.

How does the gearshift of the Trabi works?

The Trabant has a 4-gear manual change. The gearshift is below the steering wheel and the gears are shifted by pulling and pushing the gearshift. That sounds complicated and is special but after our short technical instruction you will be familiar with your Trabi in just a few minutes and ready for take-off. Go Trabi Go!

Is there an insurance for the Trabis and passengers?

Yes, we have a third-party vehicle insurance and a vehicle damage insurance (incl. damage to a person and property damage) for all cars in our fleet.

How much is my co-payment in case of an accident?

In case of an accident of your fault you have to pay a contribution of 500 Euro (Trabi), 1500 Euro (Mustang). This is only payable in the event of damage. It is not necessary to pay a deposit. The insurance company assumes the adjustment of damages.

How many people fit in a Trabi?

A Trabant 601 is approved for up to 330 kg per Trabi > max. 3 adults per Trabi. 4 adults get 2 Trabis.

Can I book more things than just a Trabi-Safari?

For our Trabi-Safaris we offer a great number of extras to complete your tour e. g. BBQ-Trabi, feeding, souvenirs, photographer. Just inform us by email or over the phone.

What is the Team-Contest?

The guests have to demonstrate ability and skills about the Trabis at three stations: Trabi refuel, push the Trabi and spark plug change.

How can I book the Team-Contest?

You can book the Team-Contest as a complement of your "exclusive tour". We evaluate the best and most funny team. This programme suits for group events.



"An absolute Must Do when you visit Berlin!"
New York Times

„Echt ostalgische Stadtrundfahrten“
Wiener Zeitung

„It´s brilliant fun.“
The Sunday Times

„Diese Tour ist ein Heidenspass.“